Business Services

Business Services

Consulting in international trade

We offer all the necessary tools to facilitate your access to foreign markets.

Comenzar la exportación

Contamos con las herramientas para hacer más fácil, seguro y eficiente el paso del mercado local a los mercados internacionales

We help you in decision making

If you want to take your first steps in the export world, consolidate your international business or entry new markets, from Expertrade offers professional services tailor made for your company

Acortando tiempos

Como fórmula para uma estrategia eficaz

Optimizando recursos

Un proceso estratégico más eficiente

Reduciendo riesgos

Ofrecemos la seguridad que garantiza el éxito del proceso

La estrategia adecuada

Trying to enter a new market, or even deciding which countries should be the target of our internationalization strategy, is a process that we should not take with a trial-error procedure. The costs are too high, in time and money, and we would be missing the opportunity to allocate those resources to access the right market with the right strategy.

Analysis and diagnosis

We start from the analysis of the products or services of your company and its capabilities, to guide you in the most appropriate strategy. We show you all the variables to take into account so that your internationalization process is a success, offering services according to your needs.


We design internationalization plans, market studies and business agendas; we help you to set up commercial networks abroad and select the right channels; we design marketing campaigns and advise you on the organization and management of your promotional events abroad.

The right people

We help you to set up an optimal export department with the selection of the best professionals