International trade consulting

Our goal is to facilitate your company’s access to international markets.

Iniciar la exportación


We provide you with the necessary tools to facilitate your access to foreign markets, optimizing your resources and reducing risks.

Presencia internacional

Trade show representation

We are experienced trade fair representatives. We are partners of global trade shows organizers such as RAI Amsterdam or REED Exhibitions.

Nuevos mercados


We offer support services to companies interested in optimizing their participation in fairs and other international promotion events, ensuring an effective presence.

Customized solutions

EXPERTRADE helps you to minimize the risks when entering a new international market.

A safe, efficient and effective process.

We are in globalized world. Export is no longer an option to become a must for any company, a critical element in the company’s strategy.

Minimizing risks

We design a strategy orientated to minimize the risks when entering international markets.

Shortening times to access the market.

The period to enter a new market may be delayed due to a lack of knowledge or experience. The success of your international strategy is to achieve sales at an adequate cost and time. We help you to obtain it.

Lowering costs

Based on our methodology, the process of entering a new country will not involve excessive and unnecessary costs.